the studio

With three underground walls in reinforced concrete, the control room boasts of great solidity and an impeccable acoustics, as revealed by the phonometric survey.

Conceived and developed by Donato Masci - Studio Sound Service, the acoustics has been projected to achieve an extremely stable and defined image, linear for every kind of monitor and for all the audible spectrum.

The main monitors are Genelec 1034b system with 7073a subwoofer while the nearfields are a pair of KRK V88 biAmp speakers beside a standard Yamaha NS-10 Studio monitors amped with a NAD. A Tivoli Audio Model One is also available for mono checkings.

control room


the console

The core of The Garage Studio is a Solid State Logic SL9000J 56 channels large format custom console with Ultimation® moving faders automation.

The DAW recording system is a Pro Tools® 10 HDX with 192 blue series ADA converters for a total of 32 Ins and 56 analog Outs. A second DAW system used for masters is based on a SoundBlade® Sonic Solution software.

This makes possible to print the mix in a standard Hi resolution format (up to 192KHz @24bit stereo) whatever the original PT session frequency and depth is. Both digital systems are clocked by an Antelope Isochrone OCX master clock generator. We have almost all the plug-ins available in commerce, including the Waves Mercury Bundle, Brainworx, FabFilter, Sonnox, Sound Toys, PSP and many more.

Two Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad core cards with complete plug-ins bundle are also installed.

In order to ease our customer experience, especially for songwriting and preproduction, we have added a Yamaha DM2000, which allows the client to work independently with a high quality console.

ROOM A / 25M²

Room A is 25m² and its core is a 40 year-old Yamaha C3. The windows show a glimpse of the beautiful outside scenery.

ROOM B / 25M²

Room B is 25m². The window show a glimpse of the well and the beautiful outside panorama of the old town of Civitella in Val di Chiana.


The room is 50m². It is inside the Villa and gives an unique acoustic and aesthetic output and the historical location allows you to live an even more fascinating experience. The ancient wooden beams present since more than a century give the room a bright and airy sound. This room have hosted small orquestras, bands, live performance, and music videos.

recording rooms