FABRIZIO VANNIBabbo in regia

Fabrizio Vanni is sound-engineer, producer, and owner of The Garage Studio. He has always worked in the music environment, opening his first studio in 1982.

During his career, he had the chance to work with a large number of great Italian artists such as Giorgia, Jovanotti, Massimo Ranieri, Lisa, Angelo Branduardi, Marco Masini, Marlene Kunts, Riccardo Fogli, Negrita, Albano e Romina Power, Maurizio Fabrizio, etc., but even international artists, as Toquinho.

With over 35 years of experience, in 2013 he founded the independent label The Garage, with the aim of discovering and of valorizing new artists.



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Marco Romanelli is a recording and mixing studio engineer, specialized at Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale (APM) in Saluzzo.

He has worked with artists such as Negrita, Fast Animals and Slow Kids, Il Pan del Diavolo, Francesco Motta, Francesco Rossi, Pupo, Gnu Quartet, Ruma Tera, Litfiba, etc.




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Fabrizio Simoncioni aka "Simoncia" (pronounced see-mon-tchah) is a top Italian recording studio engineer, mixer, musician

Specialized in rock and pop genre, he has to his credits more than 56 platinum & many gold records awarded along with a "Best Album of the Year" nomination at the XIII Latin Grammy by working with the most popular Italian & Latino American Artists. Among his many studio projects, he worked and/or collaborated with international producers and engineers such as Tom LORD-ALGE (Rolling Stones, Marylin Manson, CrashTest Dummies), Richard "Jack" GUY (Inxs), Ethan ALLEN (Tricky), Michael TACCI (Metallica, Motley Crue, Vasco Rossi), Rick PARASHAR (Pearl Jam, Nickelback), David LEONARD (Prince, Indigo Girls) Scott MATHEWS (Barbra Streisand, Keith Richard, Mariah Carey), Fabrizio BARBACCI (Negrita, Ligabue), Alberto PIRELLI (Litfiba) Ettore GRENCI (Yuridia, Kalimba, Erik Rubín), Kiko CIBRIAN (Luis Miguel, Reik) and many others.



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Paolo Alberta is a recording and mixing studio engineer since 1998. He has credits in a large number of indie and major productions' discs. He uses Pro Tools, he's an expert in HDX/HD/Native systems, and other software such as (Apple Logic, etc.). He's an expert user even with SSL 4000/9000, Neve VR, Amek, MCI, etc.

He worked for more than 15 gold and platinum discs, collaborating with Negrita, Ligabue, Emma, Francesco Renga, Il Cile, Roy Paci, Edoardo Bennato, Caponord, Thank You For The Drum Machine, Paolo Benvegnù, La Fame Di Camilla, La Zurda, etc.



With three underground walls in reinforced concrete, the control room boasts of great solidity and an impeccable acoustics, as revealed by the phonometric survey. Conceived and developed by Donato Masci - Studio Sound Service, the acoustics has been projected to achieve an extremely stable and defined image, linear for every kind of monitor and for all the audible spectrum.

00 1The core of The Garage Studio is a Solid State Logic SL9000J 56 channels large format custom console with Ultimation® moving faders automation. 




The main monitors are Genelec 1034b system with 7073a subwoofer while the nearfields are a pair of KRK V88 biAmp speakers beside a standard Yamaha NS-10 Studio monitors amped with a NAD. A Tivoli Audio Model One is also available for mono checkings.

The DAW recording system is a Pro Tools® 10 HD4 with 192 blue series ADA converters for a total of 32 Ins and 56 analog Outs. A second DAW system used for masters is based on a SoundBlade® Sonic Solution software. This makes possible to print the mix in a standard Hi resolution format (up to 192KHz @24bit stereo) whatever the original PT session frequency and depth is. Both digital systems are clocked by an Antelope Isochrone OCX master clock generator. We have almost all the plug-ins available in commerce, including the Waves Mercury Bundle, Brainworx, FabFilter, Sonnox, Sound Toys, PSP and many more. Two Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad core cards with complete plug-ins bundle are also installed.

Inside the studio, there are two recording rooms, both 25m2, one of which has a beautiful Yamaha C3 and a cozy leather sofa. Besides, some of the rooms of the Villa are used as live recording rooms, especially the main hall, about 50m2, which with its elegant atmosphere provides a unique result both aesthetically and acoustically.





In addition to the Recording and Mixing services, The Garage Studio provides:



The eMixing service gives you the chance to have high quality and analogic songs mixed by a professional recording studio at a convenient price.

The first step is sending us a multitrack audio file of your song, in WAV or AIFF format, by email or uploading it via WeTransfer.
It is advisable to send us some songs' titles from which we could understand the sonority and the influence you would like to get from your final mix.

The first mix you'll receive is exclusively for a first listening so that you can give us a comment or the approval to create the final mix.

At last, you'll receive the final mix, with instrumental and a cappella versions.

The cost of the service starts from 300 Euro (VAT excluded) for a song. For more info, contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Songwriting Camp

The Garage Studio Estate is perfectly adequate to host a Songwriting Camp. In addition to the highly professional and technological recording Studio, it has wide, various and wonderful outdoor and indoor spaces. Besides, there are numerous rooms, suitably arranged for writing setting, perfect for a balanced disposition of the writers.

Why choose The Garage Studio for a Songwriting Camp?

Staying at The Garage Studio Estate is a complete sensorial experience, an immersion in colors, flavors, natural landscapes, that nowadays constitutes the real luxury.

The privacy of the environment represents a unique advantage and a creativity occasion stimulated not only by the natural beauty but even by the innovative character of the recording studio.

The union between tradition and innovation is the core which distinguishes it, which boasts of high quality and professional instruments, equipment and systems.

Both the cottages guarantee eight double bedrooms, each one with a private bathroom, two big kitchens, three big halls, with authentic fireplaces, two verandas, a reading room, a billiard room and large spaces outside.


SHOW TOUR 360° - Construction phases of the studio


The available microphones currently are a Neumann U47 fet, two Neumann U87Ai, two Neumann Km184, one Senheiser MD421, three Senheiser MD521, four Shure SM57, one Shure ß57, one Unidyne SM57, one Shure “green Bullet”, two AKG C-414 B-ULS, four AKG C451, one AKG D-112, two AKG C-567, one ElectroVoice PL20, one Rhøde NT2 and a Yamaha SubKick.

Again, as for the outboard gear, we are still looking for a variety of microphones, so this list is to be considered provisional.


For residential instruments, we have a Pearl Reference Series drumset (22” x 20" Bassdrum, 12” toms, 14" and 16” floor tom), Ludwig Supraphonic snare, various Ufip cymbals and HiHat), a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano (6’ 1”), a Fender Telecaster Custom and a Kemper Profiler. Between the control room and the recording room there is a SGI Radial guitar interface.




This page regards a fundamental part of a recording studio, that is the list of all the gears and equipment which you will have at your disposal in the marvelous recording and mixing process of your creations, accompanied by professional assistants and sound engineers ready to make your experience always satisfying.

The part that distinguishes the list is for sure the section #vintagesynthlovers, the hashtag we have created and we use in our social media pages, which refers to our great passion for instruments which despite the time, they maintain a uniqueness in their sound, rarely repeatable. 





56 Mic / 56 Line / 56 Bus Input

24x2 Bus // 4x Stereo Bus // LCRS Bus

56 + 8Grp SSL Ultimation Faders

9000 Series Bus Compressor

Sony DMXR100


Genelec 1034b

Genelec 7073a (subwoofer)





Yamaha NS10


Pro Tools HD10

32 IN/ 56 OUT

Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX Master Clock Generator

Logic Pro X


Digidesign Sync I/O


DBX 165A (2)

Chandler TG1 EMI special edition

Universal Audio 1176 (2)

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (2)

Summit Audio TLA-100

Tubetech CL-1b

SKNote Vastaso

Chandler Germanium compressors (2)

Avalon 747SP

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

Shadow Hills Mono Gama (2)

Maag EQ4 (2)

API 512 pre (2)

API 550A Equalizer (2)

API 527 compressor/limiter (2)

SKNote Ferro

BAE 1073D (2)

Dolby 365 w / Cat. 22 card (3)

Bricasti M7

Lexicon 480L, 300L, PCM 70, PCM 42

Roland SDE 3000 (2)

Yamaha SPX1000

Ams DMX 15-80s

Aphex 286A

Neve 1073LB Equalizer

Neve 2264 ALB comp/limiter

Sonum H2O Evolution II preamp

Sonum SUM Eight summing

Radial J48


Neumann U87Ai x2

Neumann U47 FET

Neumann Km184 stereo set

AKG C-414TL x2

AKG D-112

AKG C451 x4

AKG C567 x2

Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser MD521

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Shure Beta57

Electrovoice PL20

Rhode NT2

Yamaha SubKick


Digidesign 192 I/O

Digidesign 96 I/O

Apogee Rosetta 800 




Yamaha DX-7 2

Yamaha DX-7 5


Roland CompuRhythm TR-808

Roland CompuRhythm 

Roland Juno-106

Roland Juno-60

Roland Super JX-10

Roland Jupiter-8

Roland Juno-2

Rhodes Mark II

Wurlitzer Electric Piano


Moog Minimoog

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